The Fargo Farewell Tour

You know how people say “Always live your life like it is your last day”? Well I took that challenge to the extreme during my last two weeks in Fargo—trying to soak up all I could before it was time to leave for college at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI. This little adventure is what my parents came to call my Fargo Farewell Tour.


With my first Fargo Farewell Tour mission, I hit up two of my favorite Downtown Fargo spots: Juanos Mexican Restaurant and Babbs Coffee House. I had a blast reuniting with old DECA friends and spending some quality time with my sister.

Quick tip: If you ever find yourself at either of these places get the Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie at Babbs and the Zacatecas Taco Platter at Juanos, it’s the best on the menu!



My second day of the tour found me even busier than the first. At my internship at Sundog, everyday brought new challenges and adventures. This day, our mission was to make surprise deliveries of Dairy Queen blizzards to people around Fargo for Miracle Treat Day. Then we wrapped up the work day with a Sundog Summer Session, listening to live music in our office and celebrating with some ice cream.

As I was trying to see as many people as possible before I left, I found the perfect way to say, “adios”, to all of my other my friends from DECA before I left for the year. A picnic, of course, full of red velvet cake, Pringles and swing dance lessons.



TEDx Fargo was an event I had been looking forward to all year, and it didn’t disappoint as it brought tons of new experiences, ideas and connections my way. Not many people can say they started off their morning paddle boarding in the Island Park pool or heard from CEOs, world-changers and doers. Check out a little more from my favorite speakers: Victor Saad- Founder of the Leap Year Project, Jaime Casap- Google Education Senior Evangelist and Mike Derheim CEO of The Nerdery. Shout out to Greg Tevhen and the amazing volunteers for putting together such a stand-out event.



Believe it or not, I sewed something. Something amazing. I created a t shirt quilt. Of course, not on my own, but with much help from my great aunt June (champion quilter) After my year as DECA President, I had at least 30 new t shirts to add to my already large collection. In the end we made something that would showcase the t shirts and help me remember and cherish all the amazing memories that went along with them.



My last weekend was spent soaking up all the relaxation the beautiful White Earth lake has to offer—enjoying time in the sun with my family, kayaking down my favorite hidden river, painting my nails with my sister and taking slow pontoon rides around the lake.



Do you know the current champions of Rhombus Guys Trivia? Sorry to disappoint, but it’s not us—although we sure got creative with our answers. And not only did we indulge in pizza, we took on $1 hotdog night at the RedHawks Game!



There is not much that brings me more happiness than playing tennis on a beautiful night under the lights at Island Park with my favorite people. Our classic mixed doubles teams reunited for one last match of the summer.



You know how you always pin the most delicious looking recipes on Pinterest but never seem to make them? Tonight was the exception as my friends and I created dishes from our favorite pins and indulged, laughed and over ate. You have to try some of these recipes (and actually make them!)


With my last night of the Fargo Farwell Tour fast approaching, I had a lot still to do and little time to do it, most of that included packing… Oops! My friends Sarah, Megan, McKenna and Kayla helped me pack up my final boxes and left me with a fun night after of course crossing just a few more items off the Fargo Bucket list.

1. Attending a DSGNX event where designers go head-to-head creating epic masterpieces out of 5 images, fonts and a theme.

2. The Unglued Anniversary  Party(  where we took over the photo booth and gobbled down some exceptional smores and cupcakes

3. Took one last stroll around Downtown Fargo.


My last day was a sad one, as I had to say all of my final farewells to my friends, inspiring co-workers and my family. At the beginning of the summer I never guessed I would become so attached to my job/internship and become so close with the people I worked with in three months, but that was the case. Sundog gave me an incredible experience as an intern that I will be forever grateful for, and it was very tough to say goodbye. Next, it came time to say goodbye to mom before my dad, sister and I kicked off a 1,600-mile road trip to Providence.


Once we were finally on the road, my summer felt complete. I knew I had made the most of every day and made my interactions count. As sad as it was to leave behind amazing friends, supportive family and a culture and community I love, I know this will be an adventure that will make me grow as an individual and see the world in a new way.

Watch out for more updates from Providence as this crazy journey continues!

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