Lean In takes over College Campuses

Last month was the worldwide kick-off to Lean In On Campus. This all spawned from the influential book, Lean In, written by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. Since the book’s release in March of 2013 it has created a lot of conversations in the workplace, in the home and throughout campuses around the globe. The Lean In on Campus event was a one-hour live stream introducing the new program, explaining its importance and sharing with undergrad and graduate students how to get involved.

At Johnson & Wales University there were about thirty students and faculty in attendance to hear the message after having read the book. I really enjoyed discussing the stream and talking about how Lean In’s message affects our campus and looking at where we are now as well as where we could be.

As a big fan of the book, I loved learning about the Lean In organization’s new mission to get their message to college campuses. This is where the change will start, this is where opinions and stereotypes can be shattered and I think it is a great environment to fuel this positive change.
Some of my favorite quotes from the On Campus Lives stream were:

* Women are far less likely to contribute successful performance to themselves and are far more likely to describe performance levels as low in comparison to men.

* We need to end the stereotype that women are bossy and men are leaders.

* Start out aiming high- dream any dream and do not lean back for responsibilities you do not have yet

* We are the product of help from others- support each other

* It’s time to believe in yourself, what would you do if there were no barriers? What is going to be your big dream?

I can’t wait to see how far this message can travel globally and I’m also looking forward to seeing how it can affect students in Providence. There is nothing more powerful than a group of women on a mission! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the changes I examine in my own backyard.