With over 200 billion photos and over 1.6 billion likes per day, Instagram is taking the social media world by storm. And as my favorite social media platform is Instagram, I thought it’d be fun to share my favorite accounts that consistently bring laughs, inspiration and entertainment. Presenting the 2014 Instagram Awards featuring the best brand, food, travel accounts and more.

Best Pet Instagram Award: @trotterpup

Best Pet Award:@trotterpup

This account is impossible to resist. Trotter, the San Franciscan French Bulldog showcases her many styles and creative costumes to the Instagram world. His owners dress Trotter up in the same spot for each photo, the only thing that changes is the outfits. #staystylin


Most Adorable Award: @ministylehacker

Watch out ladies, this charmer is going to break a lot of hearts one day. Meet the Mini Style Hacker, the little kid that imitates and replicates model’s style and poses. Showcasing looks from Liam Hemsworth to James Franco to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, this kid is the man.

Most Honest Instagram Award: @satiregram

Most Honest Award: @satiregram

Ever scroll through Instagram and think, how a lot of the artsy photos start to look the same? That’s the idea @satiregram is rolling with. This account makes fun of the difficulties and unoriginality that comes with Instagram. You’ll giggle to yourself as you think of people who post photos mentioned and cringe as you see how stereotypical you are.

Most Fun Instagram award goes to @spielkkind

Most Fun Award: @spielkkind

Artist, Kerstin Hiestermann, showcases her inner little kid with her whimsical, creative doodles. Normal objects like flowers, watermelon, and noodles are transformed into cool photos.

Best of Nature Instagram Award goes to @gopro

Best of Nature Award: @gopro

Check out the most epic photos in nature taken by the amazing Go Pro cameras. This account features user-generated content almost exclusively, which is a cool way to promote their product.


Best Fake Celeb Account Award: @mydaywithleo

This account showcases cut out photos of Leonardo DiCaprio at various ages from different movies casually inserted into daily life. The best part? the Leo cutout makes an appearance nearly once a day.


Best of Travel Award: @airbnb

Warning: following this account will make you want to travel excessively. Airbnb showcases the most interesting places to stay from around the world. In fact, the account features a link in each photo caption that leads to the actual listing available to rent.


Funnest Food Award: @idafrosk

Master of food art. Ida, of Norway, takes playing with your food to another level as she makes art of her meals. Inspired by these incredible creations, I tried to make some food art on my own. Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it looks. Long story short, I recommend admiring rather than attempting.

Best Brand Instagram Award goes to @oreo

Best Brand Award: @oreo

Oreo knows its audience and the best way to connect to it. By providing interesting and shareable photos out of a normal household products.

What Instagram accounts do you think deserve an award? Comment below to share. For more blogs featuring the Best of the Web click here.